Latest tourism industry trends show consumers searching for luxury, innovation, uniqueness and exclusivity. Younger users, moreover, show to appreciate entertainment experiences which represent an opportunity to share new contents on social networks.

Blunique has been designed and realized to offer a new space to hotel/resort/beach club and restaurant consumers, at sea or lake. A module of 6 x 3 m.*, with impressive stability and floating performance, where customers can spend their day, sunbathe listening to their favorite music, read a book while having drink, or enjoy an exclusive dinner in full privacy.

Blunique can be configured and customized on request, with a wide range of accessories and options available to make the experience always more unique and exclusive.

Blunique is the "Trasure Island" which makes your dreams come true.

*Also available in 3x3 version.



Fun, relax and exclusivity: Blunique offers the latest luxury experience, either at sea or lake. A comfortable private island hosting up to 8 people, designed and produced with care in all the details, in order to spend your day on water, have a drink and invite friends over for dinner.

Fully accessorized (cushions, inside pool, shower, mini-bar, curtain system, Bluetooth stereo with water-proof speakers and many others...). Blunique will become the most wanted space at your Hotel/Resort/Beach Club, during the day and after the sunset, to enjoy fun times in full privacy.

Imagine being on this exclusive platform during daytime, surrounded by nothing but crystal-clear water, and just having the best time with friends or family: comfortably sunbathing and listening to your favourite music, enjoying fresh fruit in the pool or having an ice-cold drink. At sunset and night, enjoying an aperitif with friends or a romantic dinner under the moonlight. All of this in a private and luxurious setting, away from the noisy and crowded beach.

Do you really think it's just a dream? It's Blunique, your treasure island!